We Leave You Smiling

ElderCare Dental provides quality, compassionate preventative dental services to seniors only–in the communities where they live!

Our dedicated dental care team includes dental hygienists and dentists specially trained in geriatric dentistry; the senior community team; and, the patient.

It is our goal to help keep each patient’s mouth and ultimately their body, healthy! Working with the hygienist, the dentist will review, evaluate and diagnose each patient’s dental needs and then provide a customized plan perfect for them.

What is Included

Dental Assessment & Examination

This involves a thorough gathering of information and documentation, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Dental/Medical history and review of medications
  • Documentation of existing dental conditions including teeth, supporting bone and gums
  • Oral Cancer Screening

Digital X-rays

ElderCare Dental utilizes the latest technology with the lowest exposure to radiation. 
X-rays are captured and recorded immediately to your digital chart and include:

  • Bitewings: provides a view of the bone level and areas between the teeth
  • Periapicals: provides a view of the entire root of the tooth

Intra-oral & Extra-oral Photographic Imaging

  • Intra-oral: photos taken inside the mouth
  • Extra-oral: photos are taken of the full face and smile views

Dental Cleaning

ElderCare Dental hygienists strive for patient comfort first and foremost.

  • Cleaning includes the removal of plaque, tarter and staining on teeth
  • Dentures and partials will be ultrasonically cleaned of debris and stain

Fluoride Varnish Treatment

Fluoride varnish is painted directly onto teeth, protecting them with a coat of minerals that fortify and strengthen. Benefits include:

  • Protects your teeth and helps prevent cavities
  • Decreases sensitivity
  • Reaches and helps protect all surfaces of the teeth

Risk Assessment, Report & Individualized Care Plan

ElderCare Dental provides a personalized plan for each patient we see. Factors determining the plan my include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Periodontal Risk Assessment: heredity, disease resistance, plaque and bacteria
  • Cavity Risk Assessment: diet, medications, home care, saliva, and history of decay
  • Oral Cancer Assessment: smoking, alcohol and age
  • Referrals will be provided as needed for more complex dental care

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