“Working together, we can improve the overall health of your residents, one cleaning at a time.”

Sue Piersak

Registered Dental Hygienst

“No Disruption” Dental Care

It may sound impossible, but ElderCare Dental believes that on-site dental care can be as easy, convenient and virtually hassle-free for staff and residence management as it is for the seniors living in their communities.

All of our processes are specifically designed to reduce the amount of time and effort required by your staff. As a dedicated partner we work with you to make offering preventative dental care a positive experience, one that won’t disrupt your normal day.


ElderCare Dental No Disruption Info Graphic


We Partner

In every way, whether in your building or from our offices, Eldercare Dental works to ensure proper coordination with the nursing staff to minimize the disruption of a normal day.

  • We provide dental care to seniors only
  • All of our skilled dental hygienists and dentists are trained in the unique dental needs of seniors
  • ElderCare Dental provides a dedicated dental hygienist to the senior community, ensuring continuity for staff, patients and their families
  • We work with staff to identify the most effective billing system; ElderCare Dental can bill patients directly or have billing done through a service offering


We Communicate

Receiving accurate, timely information is important to the patient, their family and the senior community staff. That is why we make communication to each and every one of them a priority.

  • ElderCare Dental provides superior communication and coordination to enhance care and ease scheduling for the nursing staff
  • We communicate with the patient (and if requested, their adult children or guardian) before every visit; the senior community is notified at the same time
  • We communicate with the patient (and if requested, their adult children or guardian) after every visit– the patient/caregiver receives a report of services received; the senior community receives a summary of services
  • Our secure online ”Patient Portal” allows us to communicate directly with patients, their families and/or designated caregivers; the HIPAA compliant system provides timely and confidential patient information to everyone at any time

We Offer Exceptional Service

ElderCare Dental makes it easy for seniors to get excellent preventative care without the hassle of leaving the building. Our experienced dental team reviews, evaluates and diagnoses each patient individually.

  • We provide essential preventative dental services for residents–from dental exams, to cleaning, to x-rays, to cancer screenings
  • We use only state-of-the-art mobile dental equipment; bringing a sterilized, individually packaged kit for each patient we see
  • We provide the necessary referrals should additional dental procedures be required; or, should the resident prefer to see their own family dentist, we will forward all ElderCare Dental records to that dentist


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