See below for the questions most frequently asked by individuals, families and communities about ElderCare Dental. Feel free to contact us if you cannot find an answer to your question. We would love to hear from you.


Q: Now that I am “older,” are my dental needs any different than when I was younger? Do I need to see a dentist more or less often?
A: Yes. It is very important that you see a dentist regularly. Your oral health is very important. Ignoring oral health can lead to serious health issues including pneumonia, complications with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and oral cancer. Dental diseases may contribute to an inability to nourish your body that can lead to declining health. Many seniors take medications that reduce the flow of saliva and that alone can create issues for you. Our dental team will be able to tell you if you should be seen more than twice a year.

Q: What is the difference between the care I would get in a dental office and the care I would get with ElderCare Dental in my building?
A: It’s simple, convenience. We want you to know that ElderCare Dental will always provide exceptional dental care just like you found in your former family dental office. The difference is the services we provide. ElderCare Dental performs preventative dental procedures like exams, cleanings, x-rays, photos and oral cancer screenings. For the services we do not provide, like fillings, tooth extractions, root canals or servicing the needs of dentures or partials, we will provide referrals.

Q: How do I register for ElderCare Dental?
A: The community building where you live first needs to agree to allow ElderCare Dental to be a provider. If we are already approved, please call us at 612-479-0505, email us at or talk to a member of the nursing staff to start the registration process. If we are not yet approved, please tell us and we will call and speak with your community administrative team to work on becoming a dental provider for your community.

Q: Are sign up forms available online?
A: Yes, you can find all of the sign up forms in the Resources section of our website. 

Q: Can a family member accompany a loved one to his/her appointment?
A: Yes, we welcome family involvement and their loved one will benefit from their caring presence as well as support in care recommendations.

Q: What if I cannot accompany my loved one to the appointment?
A: We realize there will be times when you may not be able to make an appointment. Our mission is to serve not only the patient, but also those who care for them. Our dental hygienists are specially trained to work with seniors and they team up with the nursing staff to coordinate your loved one’s care and with permission you can always follow up by accessing their records on our secure, HIPAA compliant and encrypted Patient Portal.

About ElderCare Dental

Q: Who are the providers? How do I know if they are good?
A:  Our founder, Dr. Marcus Gustafson created his vision of senior dental care after over thirty-five years of experience as a dentist and CEO of Metro Dental Care. Dr. Gustafson has recruited dentists and registered hygienists who all have extensive experience working with seniors. This includes Dr. Rosalie Perpich who has worked in a senior living community for eight years.

Q: How does ElderCare Dental work?
A: A licensed, certified and registered dental hygienist will perform your preventative oral health care services in the community building where you live. Your initial appointment includes an exam, cleaning, taking needed x-rays and photos and conducting an oral cancer screening. A dentist will also participate in the visit via tele-dentistry and will review your x-rays and photos. He may ask the hygienist to take additional x-rays and photos for clarification. ElderCare Dental will coordinate all necessary referrals.

Q: If I only see a hygienist during my appointment, how do I know that I am getting proper care?
A: Our Registered Dental Hygienists work and collaborate with our Dentists reviewing your record prior to your appointment. All the important data is gathered by the hygienist and can be reviewed by our dedicated Dentist within minutes. So whether they are off or onsite, be assured your expanded ElderCare Dental team includes skilled, licensed professionals to care for your overall oral healthcare.

Q: What dental services does ElderCare Dental provide? What does it cost?
A: We preform essential preventative oral health care procedures, including: exams, various teeth cleanings based on gum health, x-rays, photos, oral cancer screening and fluoride varnish treatment. We will clean dentures and partials as well. For additional information and costs go to Our Services.

Q: Is this service safe?
A: All of our services are safe. ElderCare Dental uses state of the art equipment and all of our team members are licensed and Board certified. We use portable digital x-ray machines which provide some of the lowest levels of exposure to radiation. We also follow all required and recommended care guidelines that the Minnesota State Dental Board has written.

Q: How are the tools sterilized?
A: Like any dental office we use ultrasonic to debride bacteria off of all instruments and then use a high heat steam sterilizer. All of our tools are sterilized in our offices according to state code. We then place them in “kits” so that a complete sterilized kit is available for each patient that we will see on a given day.

Q: How do I pay ElderCare Dental?
A: We offer two separate ways to pay. If you prefer to “pay as you go” we will provide you a bill at the end of your appointment. You then make your payment by credit card or check. However, should you prefer a regular small monthly payment program, we have a monthly payment plan which will provide you with two full service appointments with us for one year.

Q: Do you accept insurance or Medicaid?
A: At this time we cannot take dental insurance. However, if you have insurance we will happily provide you with the documentation you need to file a claim yourself with your insurance company. We do not take Medicaid.

Communicating With ElderCare Dental

Q: Can I keep my children informed if there are any problems with my teeth?
A: Absolutely. We welcome family involvement in your care if you so wish. In fact, we will communicate directly with your children at the same time as we communicate with you, both before and after your appointment. You can also give your child(ren) your password to the Patient Portal so they can access your records.

Q: What is a patient portal?
A: ElderCare Dental researched the industry’s best in dental care software and partnered with Umbie Dental Care to provide the most secure and comprehensive site for your dental care records. Our Patient Portal is an encrypted, HIPAA compliant online tool where information about your appointments, treatment, referrals and care reports are stored. You may access the Patient Portal yourself or give permission (the password) to anyone you wish to review your ElderCare Dental care records.

Q: If I need follow up dental work, can I see my family’s dentist and can they access my records?
A: Yes, of course. We want you to be both informed and comfortable with ElderCare Dental. Should you want to see a family dentist after your appointment with us, you can provide access to your records through our password protected secure Patient Portal. Simply give your dentist your password and they can access your records.

Q: Can I request current x-rays and records from my last dentist be sent to you?
A: Yes, we would appreciate any information on your dental history (although it is not required). We can provide you with a release form so that your former dentist can forward your records to us and we will upload them into your ElderCare Dental record files. See question above on how to provide your dentist with access to your ElderCare dental records.

Q: Is there any follow up by ElderCare Dental after my dental appointment?
A: Yes, one of our staff members will call you within 36 hours of your appointment to make sure you are doing OK.

Q: What happens if I have a problem with my teeth between visits?
A: You should contact a member of the nursing staff in your building.

Q: How do I contact ElderCare Dental if I have a question or concern after a dental appointment?
A: If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 612-479-0505.